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Tanzschule Schwebach
We make learning to dance fun!

Introductory Dance Course: Special Discount for Contributing Members of the VIC Staff Associations/Unions. Present your Contributing Membership card and pay the monthly fee of €69 for the first two months and get the third month for FREE!

Tanzschule Schwebach offers classes on a monthly, quarterly, or annual plan. One can even attend a sneak preview class. For a reasonable fee they offer courses in classic ballroom, Zumba, Irish step dance, Boogie, and a variety of other classes at levels that range from beginner to bronze, silver, gold, etc. They also offer courses for young children, youth and seniors. Hence, you can choose what interests you and pick a level that corresponds with your experience. Attire ranges from casual to dressy and dance shoes are not required. Even if German is not your mother tongue, the classes use examples that are easy to follow by observation. The instructors also speak English.

Located at U1 subway stop Aderklaaer or by car take the A23 or S2 exit Rautenweg

One advantage of having so many classes and levels is that we schedule the courses so that you have the possibility to go to as many different classes as you want during the week, making it ideal for people who are on duty travel or holidays. In other words, if you miss one class or even a week of classes, you can very easily catch up at the next class that you can attend.

The beginner classes are repeated every three months. When you feel comfortable with your skill level, you can continue moving up to the next level. The first half hour is spent learning a dance. The next half hour you can go to the Tanzcafé on the ground level and have a drink or snack, or go to a different class, then return for another half hour of instruction.

The Tanzcafé is open weekdays from 15:00 to 23:00 and Sundays from 17:00 to 22:00 for anyone wanting to dance and practice what they have learned.

The singles classes give everyone the opportunity to dance. After each song, you “high five” each other and then choose another partner. Attendance in the pair classes can be attended with a spouse or someone who wants to practice with a partner of similar skill levels.

Drop in weekdays and Sundays for a sneak preview class. Visit our website for more information on dates and times.

Classes for Pairs

Class times

During the week with exception of holidays and vacations

Total class time

90 minutes including practice in the Tanzcafé

Class duration

ca. 3 months

Class for


Monday   from  02.08.2021   20:00  - 21:30   Booking
Sunday   from  08.08.2021   19:30  - 21:00   Booking

Classes for Singles

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